About Ngo Tinh Yen aka NTY

About Ngo Tinh Yen
Ngo Tinh Yen was born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam. While growing up in Saigon, she attended the Regina Pacis Catholic School and the Nguyen Ba Tong high school. In 1991, she was given an opportunity to migrate to the United States of America with her two daughters. She settled in California, and continued her education at California State University, Fullerton. Her literary accomplishments include 3 books of Vietnamese poems, and her chronicle about child sex abuse in Cambodia: Angel in Hell. Even with her busy schedule, Ngo Tinh Yen remains active in the community. In June, 2014, she established the Innocent Kids Project; a non-profit organization which helps prevent child sex abuse throughout Asia, and helps raise public awareness about this horrible crime. In addition to her community outreach work, she currently works as a columnist for a Vietnamese magazine in Orange County (a job she’s had since 1992).

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